Examples of References in Education


Here's some of our Projects in Education as References


Scientific kit Democratic Republic of Congo R2724

Scientific kit Democratic Republic of Congo R2724

Country: flag democratic republic of congo DEMOGRAPHIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO (DRC)

Funding: World Bank

Customer : Ministry of primary, secondary and vocational education
Education project for the quality and relevance of teaching at secondary and university levels "PEQPESU"

Budget: >3M$


Delivery to 30 sites with 3 ports of entry on the continent: Matadi, Mombasa, Dar Es Salaam
18,000 strictly identical kits, made up of 10 items, to be distributed in variable quantities over 30 sites.

Logistics : 5 shipments of 18 containers
• 9 containers to Dar Es Salaam
• 7 containers to Matadi
• 2 containers to Mombasa.

Sector: Secondary education, life science and earth science laboratory equipment.

Kit scolaire Madagascar

Madagascar school kit

Country: drapeau madagascar MADAGASCAR

Funding: World Bank

Customer: Ministry of Secondary and Basic Education - Credit for Strengthening the Educational System II (CRESED II)

Budget: 6M$

Stakes: Amount + Logistics.

Delivery: Delivery to 6 sites with 4 ports of entry: Toamasina, Antsiranana, Mahajanga, Toliara
3,055,435 student kits and 60,760 strictly identical teacher kits to be distributed in varying quantities in the warehouses of the Ministry of six administrative centers

Logistics: 5 shipments of 119 containers in total
• Toamasina = 65 TC
• Antsiranana = 9 TC
• Mahajanga = 25 TC
• Toliara = 21 TC

Sector: Primary education, school kits (school bags, pencil cases, pens, pencils, squares and compasses), for students and teachers



Mali science kit

Country: drapeau Mali MALI

Funding: French Development Agency

Customer: Ministry of National Education, Department of Finance and Equipment (DFM-Education)

Budget: <1M€

Stakes: Complexity of the delivery of endowments to the 55 public high schools spread over the seven regions of southern Mali.
55 identical grants including a large number of chemicals
Grouping of products by high school carried out in Bamako before delivery to the sites.

Logistics: 2 shipments of 4 containers:
• 1 container from China
• 3 containers from France

Sector: Secondary education, laboratory equipment, Physics, chemistry and Earth Sciences and Life

Côte d'Ivoire R2815

Ivory Coast R2815

Country: drapeau cote d'ivoire IVORY COAST

Funding: World Bank

Customer: Ministry of National Education - Project Execution Office

Budget: <1M€

Stakes: Delivery of scientific equipment including chemicals for the specialized rooms of 9 colleges located in the interior of Ivory Coast

Logistics: 5 containers in 2 shipments

Sector: Secondary education, laboratory equipment Physics, chemistry and Earth Sciences and Life.

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